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October Theme: Mushroom Picking


One of the most popular motifs of the season so far seems to be mushrooms, and honestly? I am living for it. The classic red polka-dot toadstools are so magical, and I always used to hope I found a fairy circle when in the woods as a kid (although that probably would be bad news!). 

However, I've made heaps of different mushroom earrings in the past, so it was quite tricky thinking of designs that aren't super obvious. For example, just plain big toadstools or mushroom stamps would be cute, but they wouldn't be quite unique enough for my fab subscribers. I hope you're pleased with the designs I've come up with! 


Daisy Tier: The smaller of the two boxes will contain a pair of daisy and mushroom duos, with the shroomies inspired by red amanitas, as well as a red toadstool keyring.

Peony Tier: The larger box will contain all of the above, as well as a pair of flower hoop earrings with a mushroom picking themed pattern. Plus, as an extra little fun gift this month, you'll get a pair of glass mushroom bead earrings. These aren't exclusive, but they're too cute not to include!


My mushroom themed products are always a hit at markets and have been a customer favourite for the last few years, so I hope you like these new designs! 

And while you're here: this month, I'm also launching two brand new subscriptions! This might be a little bit optimistic of me, but I'm excited about it either way. There's the Odd Sock Club and the Book Club, and they're both a little bit different with varying prices for varying budgets. Please spread the word if you know anyone who is into sock earrings, or loves to chat about a good book!


If you're interested in ordering a subscription box, either as a one-off, or a recurring order for money off, you can do so here. Orders will close on Sunday 15th October, and the boxes will ship out on week commencing 16th October. As always, if you've got any questions, feel free to drop me a message or leave a comment below!

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