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March Theme: Bee-utiful Blossoms

The theme for the March edition of the monthly subscription box is here and it's got all the beautiful you'd expect at the start of spring. But, in the wonderfully sarcastic words of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada: 'Florals for spring? Ground breaking.' 

I don't want to be predictable, so the first sub box of spring is a little bit more specific than than just flowers and pastels. The bee themed items released in the spring of 2022 were super popular, and I thought it would be fun to include all new bee-loving goodness in a super exclusive format. Of course, April and May will also bring the happy colours and themes we associate with the season, but bees n flowers is just a really good way to start!

Plus, I really love making tiny clay bees, so maybe this is a bit selfish too.

On Instagram last week, I held a poll to help pick the theme of this box, and the most popular by far were 'pastels' and 'bees', so why not combine the two for double the goodness? 

(Also, if you suggested a theme of your own, I promise I have kept note, and if they don't make their way to a sub box at some point, they might end up in a whole new collection instead!)


Daisy Tier: Contains a super cute pair of pastel bee themed arch drops with a sunflower charm. It will also contain a pair of hoops with the cutest teeny little stainless steel bee charms.

Peony Tier: As well as the above, the larger box will contain a matching pastel hair clip, and an extra pair of mini honeycomb studs. This means you'll get three pairs of earrings, plus a hair clip - which is pretty amazing, to be honest.

And as per usual, all the contents completely exclusive to the subscription box!

Get your box here!


As always, I will aim to ship the subscription box out in a timely fashion, so you can expect to get your goodies in the post week commencing March 13th. Because of this, if you'd like to order this box, you have until March 12th to do so! 

Let me know if you've got any questions - I'm most active on Instagram so feel free to catch me there @emilyc.designs  

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