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June Theme: Sunflower Fields

It's been a little while since I've made anything with sunflowers on, and since the sun is finally starting to arrive, it seems like the perfect time. It's also been almost 4 years(!!!) since I started this business, and sunflower designs were a staple. They deserve a bit of revisiting. 

The main problem with this though, is making a design that I haven't already made a hundred times over, especially as the main criteria for the subscription box is exclusivity. So, I've managed to think of a couple of things, and I really hope you'll love them!


Daisy Tier: The smaller of the two tiers will contain a pair of mini clay sunflowers on huggie hoops, and a coordinating necklace with a sunflower charm. 

Peony Tier: The larger box will contain all of the above, as well as a pair of arches with a gorgeous sunflower field inspired design on them. 


I hope you're looking forward to these lovely summery designs, and hopefully sunflowers haven't been too overdone yet! Let me know what you think via Instagram, or pop a comment on this post. 

This box will ship on week commencing June 17th, and you'll therefore have until Sunday 16th to get your orders in here.

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