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December Theme: Snow Fairy

It's always quite difficult choosing a good theme for the December edition of the earring subscription box. I never like to go overtly Christmassy because lots of people don't celebrate it, and other people just hate festive earrings. 

So, this box is inspired more by winter than by Christmas, and features a product from one of my absolute favourite small businesses ever! It's all about sparkles, cool colours and pieces that are wearable all year round, but just especially this December. 

Read past the emojis to find out if you like spoilers...


Daisy Tier: The smaller of the two boxes will contain some gorgeous shimmery fairy wing earrings, and a beautiful hand-stamped adjustable aluminium ring from Lost Post. 

Peony Tier: The bigger box will contain all of the above, as well as a pair of long hearts with a wintery slab design! 


Honestly, I can't believe that this subscription box has been running for over a year already! And, I can't really believe that in that time, I haven't made fairy wing earrings yet- they're one of my favourite shapes.

I'm also so so thrilled to include an item from Lost Post this month. Carriann is one of the first market friends that I made over 2 years ago, and I'm very grateful because she's lovely, and so are each and every one of her products. To check out some of her designs, head to her website here.


If you're interested in ordering a subscription box, either as a one-off, or a recurring order with a £5 discount, you can do so here. Orders will close on Sunday 10th December, and the boxes will ship out on week commencing 11th December. There may be some delays with Royal Mail as there always seems to be around this time of year, so please be as patient as you can. I'll make and ship them as promptly as I can on my end, so hopefully you won't have to wait forever!
As always, if you've got any questions, feel free to drop me a message or leave a comment. 
P.S. I have no idea if anyone reads these, so if you do, feel free to use the code BLOGPOST for 20% off your next order. It's only valid for the first 3 people to use though, so I guess we'll see if you need to be quick or not! 

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